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Our mission is to be the partner of choice for developing software ideas and innovations, from ideation screening through to development and marketing.

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We provide end to end services to ensure successful user acceptance & growth

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Innovation & Idea Development

We take your ideas and innovation through a methodical process called LEAN, where we learn about your customers problems and needs and follow an iterative process to test hypotheses and best product fit.

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Development of websites and apps

Our process always starts with our user, and through strategic design we craft systems that surprise and delight while providing deeper relevance and greater value.

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Social Media Marketing

This is about engaging the target audience and customers, current and new, to sell products and services or promote brands using social media channels.

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2D/3D Animation

We create engaging animations and videos that inspire, improve communications or boost sales.

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Bespoke Software Development

Software solutions for startups and SME’s to solve business issues such as development of apps and web solutions, system integration, and business process management.

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Digital Strategy

The best brands are simple ones that todays consumers dont just buy, they become part of it. They’re easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

We are a leading digital solutions company

Our vision is to always work strategically in partnership with our clients to achieve organizational goals and solve innovation challenges. We have some of the best-in-class innovation experts, university researchers, industry experts,  creative designers and software developers to ensure client needs are delivered to the highest quality.  We are active in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare (Private and public sector hospitals, clinics, patient focused etc)
  • Smart Cities/buildings
  • Engineering
  • Energy (oil, gas, renewables)
  • Transport (inc drones)
  • Food Production
  • Retail
  • Environmental sector
  • Government Institutions 
  • Charities and not for profit organisations

Our expertise includes  software development, including web, mobile, desktop and embedded systems. We can incorporate where required Cloud SolutionsArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models (AI/ML), natural language processing chatbots (ChatGPT, Bard) and Blockchain technology. We also have access to other experts whom we can reach out to on VR/AR and digital transformation.

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Innovation and Idea Development
2D/3D Animation
Digital Strategy
Bespoke Software Development
Development of websites and apps
Social Media Marketing


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